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The time has come to discuss the elephant in the room; Nebula Mining Operations (NMO). Despite the temporary armistice, it continues to be the official stance of the HMA that NMO’s public fleets are unsanctioned and subject to standard enforcement practices. So, what does that mean considering that RogueCorp is now the largest corporation in both Nebula Industries and Frozen Assets and the HMA. Let’s find out.

A fundamental tenet of both RogueCorp and the HMA is that we look after each other. That means, among other things, that we don’t hassle blues and purples; no shooting, no bumping, and no griefing. At all times, including while operating in an HMA fleet, RogueCorp members are expected to respect blues. Likewise, the HMA will never expect any of our participants to shoot those who are blue to them. Technically, we don’t expect our participants to shoot anyone but it is strongly encouraged under the right circumstances. So, if an enforcement opportunity arises, and would not conflict with your corporation or alliance standings, feel free to do so with the full blessing of the HMA.

This brings us to the larger question about how the HMA handles these kinds of unsanctioned fleets. In truth, while the HMA retains the right to engage in enforcement against any pilots or fleets that operate outside the HMA Standards, we don’t make a habit of it. Generally, these actions are limited to those pilots and fleets that directly impact our operations. More often than not, those pilots prove to have been a genuine threat to the security of our fleets in the form of scanners and hostile warp-ins. However, in the past, we have made an exception and actively encouraged enforcement against NMO fleets. There were two reasons for this.

First, the perceived leadership of NMO has made it clear that they want nothing more than the abolishment of the HMA. They have frequently and maliciously slandered and disparaged us through all available channels. They have attempted to paint a picture of the HMA as a threat to the safety and stability of the region as well as to the experience of new capsuleers. As anyone who has actively worked with us knows, nothing could be farther from the truth. While there are those that may not appreciate the in group/out group dynamic inherent in the HMA this is a fundamental aspect of how Eve Online works. Likewise, the ganking that we engage in is just an easily teachable and repeatable lesson in the asymmetrical warfare that makes Eve Online such an experience. We want nothing more than to drive player engagement and everything we do is in the furtherance of that effort.

Second, it was my impression that the NMO was not only unsanctioned by the HMA it was unsanctioned by Nebula itself. I have since been made aware that the NMO is, in fact, an official Nebula entity tasked with managing our vast moon mining infrastructure. Toward that end, and in accordance with our long-standing friendship, both RogueCorp and the HMA will actively promote our shared interests. While we would encourage all regional fleets to be run according to the HMA Standards, we acknowledge that our inclusive and public nature is not appropriate for all situations. That said, we will continue to enforce our position as the friendly neighborhood cartel through all means at our disposal.

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