April Fool’s Aftermath

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So, our April Fool’s Invasion has come and gone and if we could sum it up in one word it would be… disappointing. We expected a lot of things when we decided to run a mining fleet in Uedama, the gank capital of New Eden. What we did not expect was for Safety. to fail to make any kind of effort to stop us. I guess it just goes to show what we have all come to understand. They simply are no longer of any real relevance. As we casually mined what should be the most dangerous belts in High-Sec we encountered but single Catalyst willing to try and put an end to our wicked mining ways (Kill: Snuggly Guy). He chalked this up to being an off time.

As we continued mining unopposed, we begin to see more and more of their forces login. We tried to encourage them to participate but received nothing but generic excuses. In the end, our greatest loss was an absent-minded Falcon pilot killed by the NPC Mining Fleet (Kill: Jerel Andomer). All in all, Safety. lives up their name as we have never felt safer than we did mining in their own backyard. We look forward to our next opportunity to do a little more “mining”.

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