HMA Salutes: Xenon Salvage Inc.

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The Hek Mining Association prides itself on making Hek a cleaner, brighter, and more regulated system. Our members work around the clock to ensure that our belts and spacelanes remain clear of obstacles and reckless pilots. Often this work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. But, not today. Today, the HMA we would like to recognize Xenon Salvage Inc. for going above and beyond in these efforts.

You might already be familiar with the folks at Xenon Salvage Inc. as they are a regular fixture in Hek. Their pilots can be found scouring the system for lost drones and abandoned mobile structures. Although, those are certainly a hazard they pale in comparison to what they encountered drifting just outside an occupied orbital structure; an Orca, unpiloted. It shakes me to my very core to think of the damage such a massive ship could do to either the structure or the dozens of mining vessel operating nearby.

When others failed to act, Xenon Salvage answered the call. At great personal risk, capsuleer Taegan Kairos boarded the errant vessel and guided it to a local station. Once it was safe to do so, he contacted the negligent pilot to inform him of the dangerous situation he had created. All costs associated with the recovery operation were paid in full and the Orca is on its way to a new loving home. All Hek owes these brave pilots a debt of gratitude.

Xenon Salvage Inc., we salute you.

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