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Always nice to hear from a fan.

You know you’ve made a name for yourself when the self-titled “Heroin [sic] of High Sec” feels the need to reach out and insult you directly. To be fair, I have been very vocal in my opinion of the entire Safety. organization. However, truth be told, I have a great deal of respect for them and the work they do. It should come as no surprise that I support ganking as a legitimate play style (and, if that is a surprise, go read some of my earlier blog posts). In fact, the HMA defines itself as a public mining/ganking community and we actively encourage and support people who wish to try it out. However, there is one thing that separates us from your common ganking thugs.

Rule #1: Don’t Be An Asshole.

This simple rule forms the very core of our identity. Unlike our competitors, we aren’t here to ruin anyone’s fun. We gank to bring people together not tear them apart. So, in the spirit, of openness and communication, I reached back out to her only to find that…

Wait, what?

It seems that her high and mightiness can dish it out but isn’t so hot on taking it. No matter, I have people for that. So, I made sure that my message was passed along. However, I received the most startling reply…

We are all Winston

Apparently, someone’s been huffing too many Void fumes and got their head all confuzzled. Despite being blocked both personally and in her channel, I am the “whiny loser who doesn’t even talk” to them? Remember kids, when dealing with assholes every accusation is a confession. And to you, Aiko, remember that our channel is always open. Even you are welcome here.

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