HMA Salutes: Tornado Innovations… and friends.

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Here at the HMA, we like making friends almost as much as we like making enemies. And, best of all, is when you can have both. On the surface, New Eden appears to be a galaxy driven by conflict when in reality it is driven by relationships. Every single organization lives and dies by the bonds they form. Although not officially members of the HMA, Tornado Innovations and their unnamed associates have come to be a regular, usually unseen, presence in and around our fleets.

We first met the TI crew when they showed up in Hek and started pulling the usual shenanigans. Cans were flipped. Franks were shot. Suspects were baited. I’d like to say we were ready for them but I’m not much of a liar. Still, a good time was had by all. Because, that is what Eve is all about… shooting shit with your buddies. And, shoot the shit we did often discussing a variety of PvP tactics in between attempting to bait each other. When the time came to defend our headquarters from outside aggression they came to our aid with advice if not artillery.

Although our headquarters eventually fell, the HMA survived and continues to grow. And, the TI crew have slowly transformed from playful antagonists to watchful guardians. Their constant vigilance has saved many a miner from a fiery fate. More often than not, rogue gankers and griefers are neutralized before their targets even know they are in danger. It is this kind of symbiotic relationship that I dreamed of when I founded the HMA. Despite our moniker, the HMA is about more than mining. It is about creating an environment in which to encourage content. And, Tornado Innovations creates the kind of content that we want to see more of.

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