A Miner’s Tale: An Introduction to Mining with HMA

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Today we look to the stars of Hek, a location in Minmatar Republic space: bordering the threshold of both highsec and lowsec space. Home to the Hek Mining Association.

My name is Kaito Subaru, a miner, just like the rest of you.

I came to EVE: Online from what is shy of 16 years ago, varying from industry to industry, system to system and I am now, in 2022, having to relearn the game. After an extensive hiatus, it’s nice to be back. It’s been a relatively smooth ride so far, but that comes at no expense spared to RogueCorp. Having found the Hek system via the Fleet Finder tool, I was quickly welcomed into the fold as a contracted miner, getting to know everyone in the meantime.

So why am I writing what seems like a relatively boring blog post?

Simply put: Screenshots.

Yes, as a photographer in real life, that hand is warmly extended to video games too, and EVE is no exception. I work with both 35mm film and digital, so I have a large portfolio of having to get the perfect shot… Damn film.

Anyway, enough ramble. Hopefully in the future, you’ll be seeing your ship located on this blog.

– Kaito

One thought on “A Miner’s Tale: An Introduction to Mining with HMA”

  1. Welcome to our friendly neighborhood cartel. Love the screenshots. So many lasers 🙂

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