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I am proud to announce that we have finally managed to install SeAT on our trusty web server here at RogueCorp HQ. As some might be aware, we first began using SeAT about four months ago as a means of managing Discord access (among many other functions). Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the virtual server that had been provided for our use, SeAT has been down for the last two months. However, despite long odds and at great personal hardship, I am happy to announce that HMASeAT is – more or less – back online. Although we are still in the process of customizing it for our needs, the core functionality is in place and ready to accept users.

When we first introduced SeAT authentication into our community, reactions were mixed. Although there were only a handful of people opposed to this, they were… vocal to say the list. To be perfectly honest, it had never occurred to me that anyone would take issue with this as it is a common practice in most Eve Online organizations. As such, I was ill-prepared to make a case for what I saw as an obvious necessity. For me, it had never been about whether we would implement user authentication but when and how. Although inconvenient, the failure of our previous SeAT installation gives us the opportunity to try again. Toward that end I have prepared some answers to the big questions.


Eventually, SeAT authentication will be a requirement for all HMA Members and recommended for everyone else. As before, users who have not authenticated will have limited access to the Discord server for security and operational reasons.


As their github puts it, SeAT is a simple EVE Online Corporation and API management tool. It allows you to keep an eye on all things related to your corporation; from wallets, to mail, to assets for both characters and corporations. In other words, it is a way to authenticate users and keep tabs on the status of our members both internal and external.


HMASeAT is already live and ready to use. However, it has not been fully configured. You are welcome to take advantage of it now but understand that the current scopes give us access to all of your deepest and darkest secrets… not that we care. I would expect that it will be fully functional within the week and made mandatory at the end of November.


Unlike before, HMAseAT is being hosted on a machine over which we have physical control making it both more reliable and more secure than our previous instance. It is, in fact, about four feet away from me as I write this.


Our primary interest was in automating Discord access so we didn’t have to keep track of everyone who came and went. However, in our search for an ideal solution, SeAT showed itself to be capable of so much more. From a user perspective, it will allow an easy to use dashboard compiling all of the available information for you, and any alts you link. From an administrative perspective, it will allow us to keep track of where are people are in terms of skills and resources in order to best provide content and assistance.


In my experience, SeAT is fairly intuitive to use. To get it set up, you first need to go to and login to your Eve Account via their SSO (Single Sign-On). To be clear, you are not entering your eve credentials into our website. Rather, you are logging into CCPs site and they are confirming that you did and sending us the appropriate information. Once logged in, to establish Discord access go to Connector>Identities and click Join Server. From there, you will need to login to your Discord account to connect the two. Once that’s done, it should return you to SeAT. If it throws a 500 error, just refresh the page and confirm that it shows you as registered. I will allow you the fun of figuring out the rest for yourself.

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