HMA Salutes: Jak’rat

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Ganking Ventures with a Catalyst is like clubbing baby seals. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s not terribly sporting and more than a little wasteful. So, what is a connoisseur of combat to do. Well, if you’re Jak’rat, the answer is to even the playing field a bit. Why shoot Ventures with an over-powered anti-frigate platform when you can shoot Ventures with… a Venture.

The single greatest things about Eve Online is that it is a true sandbox. They provide you with the tools and then you are allowed to do whatever you want with them up to, and including, slapping guns on a mining ship and going hunting. It is this kind of unconventional warfare and outside-the-box thinking that I wanted to encourage when I started the Hek Mining Association. Sure, any kill is fun, but it’s a whole lot more satisfying when you get to pull of a kill that makes the other guy go “What!?”

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