So Long, and Thanks for All the Ships

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As many of you are likely aware, CCP has recently made changes to Security Status as it relates to high sec systems such as Hek (see Changes to Security Status & Abyssal Filaments). While this may seem like a godsend for the mining community, I am inclined to disagree. As I’ve shared before, ganking is a valuable part of the Eve Online experience and actually benefits active and organized mining fleets. While it may seem counterintuitive, ganking helps you as long as you are taking steps to protect yourself. And, ultimately, that was what the HMA was about. When I started this organization, I had no intention of trying to create a safe place for mining. What I wanted was to take a dangerous place and mine there safely.

While only time will tell if this is the change that finally kills Eve Online, as I expect it to be, it is certainly the change that kills the HMA. In no uncertain terms, the HMA cannot function as intended in this new environment. Simply put, our “friendly neighborhood cartel” is no more. Over the next few days we will assess and see if there is place for us in this kinder, gentler New Eden. I certainly hope so because if there is one constant in the universe it is change.

Adapt or Die.

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