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Boy does time fly when you have the attention span of a cocaine-fueled housefly, as it seems I’ve missed yet another anniversary. As of March 16th 2023, the HMA has been bringing you murder and mining for two whole years. If you’ve been with us from the beginning… Why? If you’re one of our newer participants… welcome. As you hopefully know, the HMA takes our role as the friendly neighborhood cartel very seriously. Everything we do is meant to further our goals of providing content and vitality to Hek and the surrounding systems. Toward that end here are some of our goals for the upcoming year and some suggestions on ways you can help us to reach those goals.

Downtime-to-Downtime Public Fleets

One of our oldest and seemingly hardest goals to achieve is complete round-the-clock fleet coverage. It is our sincere intention that by this time next year there will be an HMA Public Fleet active and operational any time you login.

How can you help? If you can run boosts and compression and there isn’t a fleet running… start one. Also, if you’re more of the planning type, make use of our Event Schedule to let people know when you will be running a fleet. If you can’t, be sure to tip your bosmang’s well so they are more inclined to run fleets and consider working towards your own Porpoise or Orca.

Bosmang Accreditation Program

It seems that many new miners aspire to flying their very own Orca. Having done that almost exclusively for the past decade, I can’t imagine why. But, we always need more bosmangs in order to meet our primary goal of downtime-to-downtime fleet coverage. To help facilitate this we will be implementing a program to provide skill plans, training, financial assistance, and vetting to ensure the quantity and quality of our HMA Public Fleets.

How can you help? We are starting a list of interested pilots. If you’d like to run fleets on the regular let us know and we will keep in you mind once the official program is laid out. If consider yourself well-versed in keeping a mining fleets safe and prosperous, consider volunteering to assist with creating our documentation or running training sessions.

Rebuilding the HMA Structure Network

While there are a large number of friendly structures available in the local area (shout out to Nebula Industries And Frozen Assets) it has always been the goal of the HMA to develop our own internal network of freely available structures for the use of (and defended by) our members. Although we no longer have HMA memberships in the traditional sense, the dream of the HMA Structure Network is still very much alive.

How can you help? Donate a structure, either packaged or deployed. It also helps if you have your people create alts and put them into Rogue Corps, our military branch. So, if you want all of the perks of having a structure and none of the operating costs just give one (or more) to us to hold onto for you and gain free access to all of them.

Starting the Industrial Revolution

The HMA was founded to promote mining and murder in equal measure. Over time, we have lost some of that spirit but going forward we will make an active effort to choose violence whenever possible. Although we will continue to be open and welcome to all, we will no longer tolerate those who refuse to participate. To help encourage our members to bloody conquest we will be providing additional guidance and support for our enforcers, combat roams (including industrial PvP Roams), tournaments, and a fight club to help arrange 1v1 duels.

How can you help? There are countless ways you can assist with this effort. We can always use donations of all kinds to help outfit and replace our combat fleets or provide prizes for tournaments. We also need experienced combat pilots to take the reins of these fleets and bring us glory. We strongly encourage anyone and everyone to create new accounts and join Rogue Corps to participate in our war operations, both as part of Faction War and in defense of HMA interests (Omega not required). Most importantly, when you see an opportunity for PvP just take the plunge. We are here to support you.

Happy Hunting,

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