Anti-Ganking: The Hidden Menace

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One of the most common points of contention with the HMA is our pro-ganking stance. Which seems like an odd hill to die on considering we are a NPSI mining/ganking community. But, to each their own. Truth be told, it’s not an unreasonable sentiment on the surface. We actively allow and encourage gankers to join our channel and even to join our fleets. And, there are those who see this as a threat. However, there is a far greater threat to the mining community; anti-gankers.

I know what you’re thinking. How can a group dedicated to stopping gankers be a threat to miners? Simple. Whether accidently or intentionally, anti-gankers create dependency. Rather than teach miners how to survive, they teach them to rely on anti-gankers for survival. This puts them entirely at the mercy of the whims of the anti-gankers they have grown to depend on. Despite what our critics claim loudly and frequently, the HMA is not about bullying people into participating. Our “Join or Die” philosophy is not a threat so much as a warning. If a pilot already has the skills needed to survive, we are not a danger to them. However, if they don’t, they will die whether at our hands or at someone else’s.

There are a lot of false ideas about ganking and a large part of what the HMA does is meant to shed light on these lies. And, the biggest lie of all is that you need some white knight to save you from the big scary gankers. Yes, ganking is a threat. But, it is an manageable threat. However, the only way you can learn how to defend yourself is by learning how it works. And, who better to teach you than people who do it regularly. Gankers will always be welcome in the HMA because there is so much to learn from them.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Ganking: The Hidden Menace”

  1. would make sense… if it was true. True anti gankers protect sure but they also educate. From how to properly fit for survival and how to avoid gankers all the way to what to do in a hostile situation and when to and not to engage. Also teaching them about killrights and how to properly set one up in a way a ganker cannot erase it themselves with alts. Good anti gankers return any loot to the ganked so that they can work towards returning to the game. Ganking only pushes new people away from the game. Protecting miners is only a start of the job. A teacher at a school is obligated to protect the students during a serious event should it arise but they also educate.

    1. Thank You Concerned Citizen,

      I certainly hope that to be true. It has just not been my impression of the situation.

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