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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is true, then we have reason to be deeply flattered. As many of you are likely aware, there are elements within Hek and the surrounding systems that would like nothing more than to see our humble organization wiped off the face of New Eden. Their disagreements with us are so deep and and so fundamental as to enable co-existence all but impossible. So, they have devoted their time and energy to developing increasingly nefarious plans to bring about our destruction. After increasing escalation and aggression they have implemented their most devious plan yet.

Not satisfied with the growth of their own organizations, they have decided that their only option is to try and impersonate us. On July 25th, relatively unknown pilot established the Hek Mining Association Corporation claiming themselves to be “The ONLY Official Corp For The HMA…”

They also created the Hek Mining Allliance which declares itself as “The True Hek Mining Association”.

To add injury to insult, they have gone so far as to attempt to mislead the generous into paying them ISK for this deception.

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t this violate Eve’s EULA. Yeah, probably. But that will be up to the GM’s to decide. In the meantime, I would remind everyone that the Hek Mining Association channel remains the heart of our organization. All important information and links will be found here. So, if you find someone trying to pass themselves off as “official” be sure to set the record straight.

[UPDATE] HMA leadership has acquired both the Hek Mining Association and Hek Mining Alliance.

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