Armistice with Nebula Mining Operations

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For reasons I do not feel at liberty to discuss, it has come to my attention that the rogue elements within Nebula Industries And Frozen Assets are likely acting without the consent or possibly even awareness of their alliance leadership. Due to this state of affairs, I am requesting a temporary end to sanctions of Nebula Mining Operation fleet members. While I still encourage everyone to fly under the HMA banner and according to HMA Fleet Standards, I am asking that those loyal to the HMA treat any NMO fleets with the same courtesy as we would our own.

To be clear, this armistice applies solely to Nebula fleets. Other fleets and individual pilots operating in our region, should be considered valid targets. This armistice applies only to acts of unprovoked direct aggression, so feel free to defend yourself should you be attacked. This includes, but is not limited to, kill-right activation. Likewise, feel free to continue educating ignorant pilots and promoting our friendly neighborhood cartel. Please be aware that Nebula fleets do not approve of ganking as a method of fleet defense. Any efforts to do so while participating in one of their fleets is done at your own risk.


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