Oops… I did it again [Happy Anniversary]


Boy does time fly when you have the attention span of a cocaine-fueled housefly, as it seems I’ve missed yet another anniversary. As of March 16th 2023, the HMA has been bringing you murder and mining for two whole years. If you’ve been with us from the beginning… Why? If you’re one of our newer […]

2nd Annual April Fool’s Invasion


Oye M’Beltas, It’s that time of year again. Time to invade Uedama, the Gank Capital of New Eden. With Orca boosts and ECM support it is our intention to once again clean out their belts. As before, there will be prizes for participants who bag themselves some gankers. So bring your mining ships, your gun […]

Introducing the Hull Integrity Test


Honoring our love of both puns and violence, the HMA is proud to announce that we are no longer performing sanctions of unregulated miners. We will now be performing Hull Integrity Tests, or HITs, to ensure that those mining in and around Hek are doing so safely and responsibly. Although nothing is changing policy-wise, framing […]

The Rogues Want You


As the Rogue corporate family continues to grow, our need for qualified leadership has never been greater. An organization is only as strong as its people and in order for our people to be strong they need skilled pilots to guide them. Do you have what it takes to be one of them? Or, do […]

HMA Open PvP Tournament (December 2022)


UPDATE – This Tournament is temporarily postponed. The HMA, in coordination with the Hek Fight Club, is proud to announce the first HMA Open PvP Tournament, starting December 1st at Midnight. The rules are simple. 32 Pilots will be entered into a Single-Elimination tournament. Once pairings are announced, each pilot will have five days to […]

So Long, and Thanks for All the Ships


As many of you are likely aware, CCP has recently made changes to Security Status as it relates to high sec systems such as Hek (see Changes to Security Status & Abyssal Filaments). While this may seem like a godsend for the mining community, I am inclined to disagree. As I’ve shared before, ganking is […]

HMASeAT, Take Two


I am proud to announce that we have finally managed to install SeAT on our trusty web server here at RogueCorp HQ. As some might be aware, we first began using SeAT about four months ago as a means of managing Discord access (among many other functions). Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the virtual […]

Introducing Phase 2 of the HMA


Oye M’Beltas, For the past year and a half, the HMA has been a regular feature of Hek and the surrounding systems with our public mining fleets. However, this is only a small part of what is intended for the HMA. From the beginning, I envisioned the HMA as an economic powerhouse – controlling resources, […]

What Does The HMA Mean To You?


As we prepare to move into Phase 2 of the HMA (foreshadowing, much) I would like us all to take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. For myself, the HMA was never about mining. It was about generating content while helping new pilots ease into the world of […]

RGFFWC 2022 Winner!!!


Oye, m’beltas. The winner of the the first annual Rogue’s Gallery Fan Fiction Writing Contest is Ambarr Dishwataah with her story, Salvaged. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I suggest you do. Beyond being a talented wordsmith, Ambarr is a more traditional artist as well. You can find examples of her […]