With Friends Like These


The time has come to discuss the elephant in the room; Nebula Mining Operations (NMO). Despite the temporary armistice, it continues to be the official stance of the HMA that NMO’s public fleets are unsanctioned and subject to standard enforcement practices. So, what does that mean considering that RogueCorp is now the largest corporation in […]

The End of an Error


For one reason or another, it has become a common belief that Nebula Industries and Frozen Assets is an enemy of the HMA. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from a few squeaky wheels, Nebula leadership and line have supported our efforts from very early on. Likewise, we have frequently recommended […]

The Rogue’s Gallery To Become Spirit Halloween


Due to financial difficulties stemming from low fleet participation, the HMA regrets to inform you that The Rogue’s Gallery, flagship structure of the HMA Structure Network, has been acquired by Spirit Halloween. Please stop in for our ghoulishly low prices and terrifying selection of specialty Halloween merchandise. You’re in for a frightfully good time here […]

The HMA Vision


What’s the deal with the HMA? If you find yourself asking that question, you aren’t alone. From our humble beginnings as a public NPSI mining fleet we have grown into a public NPSI mining fleet. Wait!? That’s not right. We’re so much more than that aren’t we? Of course, we are. Like ogres and onions, […]

Some Needed Clarity


The HMA has a proud history of turning our opponents into our allies. Toward that end, in the afterglow of Train Wreck’s attacks on HMA Structure Network facilities, we attempted to connect with members of the opposition who seemed amenable to our ideology. As you can see from the Hek Mining Association channel’s temporary MotD, […]

An Open Letter to Train Wreck


While we generously appreciate your offer of surrender, if the HMA is to keep our structures the bill will be paid with bullets and blood. To do otherwise would violate the Hek Code of Content at the heart of our organization. To be clear, we understand that you are a formidable opponent and fully expect […]

War Were Declared


The HMA Structure Network has come under assault. Before the week is out, battles will be waged to determine whether our free community structures stand or fall. And so, we are issuing a call to arms to all interested pilots. As some of you may already know, HMA defense is coordinated through Rogue Corps. If […]

Great Expectations


With so much misinformation being spread about the HMA, I would like to take a moment to go over what you can generally expect when you join one of our fleets. Our Fleets Are Wildly Inconsistent. Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that the HMA is a public community. Anyone who wants to […]

Voting is live for the CSM Elections.


It’s that time of year again where we vote for the upcoming Council of Stellar Management. For those who aren’t familiar, the CSM is – in essence – a focus group that CCP consults with regarding the direction of the game. While it is important to understand that they hold no actual authority they do […]

Conqueror of the Void: C-Type Mining, Moonfield Raids, and Pinot Noir’s Fine Bouquet


In the vast, uncharted expanse of the virtual galaxy, there lies a realm where miners, adventurers, and conquerors alike converge to stake their claim on precious resources. This is the world of C-Type Mining, where we embark on daring moonfield raids with a glass of fine Pinot Noir in hand. Join us as we delve […]