HMA Joins Minmatar Fleet Alliance and Ushra’Khan in Ending HMA Stranglehold on Hek


As you all know, the HMA is dedicated to promoting the interests of Hek and the surrounding systems. Toward that end, we have joined forces with Minmatar Fleet Alliance and Ushra’Khan in ridding our system of the HMA menace. At 01:34 on 11.15, Hek Mining Association declared war on Rogue Corps, the PvP sister corporation […]

HMA Structure Network Shutdown Indefinitely


Oye M’Beltas, For the second time in as many months, war has been declared against the Hek Mining Association’s management company, Hek Mining Association. Due to numerical superiority, it seems likely that all community structures currently maintained as part of the HMA Structure Network will be destroyed. As of this time, we have no plans […]

An Open Letter to Minmatar Fleet Alliance and Ushra’Khan


Minmatar Brothers and Sisters, Although Caldari by decanting, I have been Minmatar by choice for the past decade. After many nomadic years in support of my found family who fought directly on the front lines of our noble cause, I have settled in Hek. In an effort to continue supporting our work, I established the […]

Announcing the HMA Wiki


As part of our efforts toward a more open and public HMA, I am pleased to announce the creation of the HMA Wiki. As most of you know, I tend to play things pretty close to my chest in terms of security and backend operations. Unfortunately, my schedule no longer allows me to be as […]

The Dangers of False Claims


In the world of online engagement, across various platforms, there’s a concerning trend that has emerged: individuals who falsely claim harassment or fear for their safety. This behavior can be not only misleading but also harmful to genuine cases and the online community at large. When someone, whether they are streaming, sharing on social media, or […]

HMA Giveaway Fleet


Clue Atrik has generously offered to host a day-long fleet extravaganza. Starting Saturday, just after downtime, we will be mining all day as he hands out prize after prize. Our goal is nothing short of the complete annihilation of the Hek belts. Giveaways will take place both in Fleet Chat and through our Discord. Be […]

The Art of Entitlement


As most are already well aware, the HMA is a volunteer organization. Everyone from the FCs dropping boosts and compression, to security keeping you safe, to enforcers muscling out the competition are there because that is what they want to do with their game time. So, it’s important to understand that no one is obligated […]

With Friends Like These


The time has come to discuss the elephant in the room; Nebula Mining Operations (NMO). Despite the temporary armistice, it continues to be the official stance of the HMA that NMO’s public fleets are unsanctioned and subject to standard enforcement practices. So, what does that mean considering that RogueCorp is now the largest corporation in […]

The End of an Error


For one reason or another, it has become a common belief that Nebula Industries and Frozen Assets is an enemy of the HMA. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from a few squeaky wheels, Nebula leadership and line have supported our efforts from very early on. Likewise, we have frequently recommended […]

The Rogue’s Gallery To Become Spirit Halloween


Due to financial difficulties stemming from low fleet participation, the HMA regrets to inform you that The Rogue’s Gallery, flagship structure of the HMA Structure Network, has been acquired by Spirit Halloween. Please stop in for our ghoulishly low prices and terrifying selection of specialty Halloween merchandise. You’re in for a frightfully good time here […]