Honoring the Falcon, Blackbird, and Rook: Guardians of the Cosmos


Out in the endless expanse of space, there are heroes who keep watch, quiet and strong. They’re the Falcon, the Blackbird, and the Rook—ships that protect miners silently, making the cosmos a safer place. Let’s give them a salute, for their legacy is woven into our prosperity. Watchers in the Shadows: Wrapped in mystery, these […]

Embracing Morality in Eve Online: Unveiling the Good, the Bad, and the Unsettling


In the expansive universe of Eve Online, we’re not confined to a single path. Today, we might be a hero; tomorrow, a rogue. Personally, I often lean towards the rogue side. But there’s a twist – being a troublemaker in the game doesn’t mean we’re mischief-makers in real life. Consider this: those causing chaos in […]

Unveiling the HMA: Unity Under Winston Enderas’ Leadership


Ever wondered about the Hek Mining Association (HMA)? It’s a tight-knit group in Eve that’s caught many eyes. What’s their deal? Why the size shifts from tiny to big and back again? And who’s this Winston Enderas guy leading the pack? The HMA has gone from squads of just two to the good ol’ days of […]

Now Under Old Management


I wish to announce that the both the Hek Mining Association corporation and Hek Mining Alliance alliance (see Accept No Substitutions) are now under HMA control. In the coming weeks, we will begin transitioning administrative and leadership duties to this new corporation. Although I still consider the HMA to be largely self-governing, our new corporate […]

Literally Anyone Else For CSM18


As some of you might know, our best frenemy RGC Godfather is running for CSM18 on a platform of… wait for it… killing ganking (among other things). For full details, check out his CSM Campaign Thread. If it’s not obvious enough from the title, allow me to spell it out for you. I think this […]

Rules of the Road


Communities are defined by rules, either implied or explicit. They indicate both what behavior is expected and what behavior is prohibited by its members. The HMA is no exception. Although our rules as an organization have changed significantly over the years, our rules for the expected behavior in our fleets remain largely the same. Our […]

Accept No Substitutions


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is true, then we have reason to be deeply flattered. As many of you are likely aware, there are elements within Hek and the surrounding systems that would like nothing more than to see our humble organization wiped off the face of New […]

Armistice with Nebula Mining Operations


For reasons I do not feel at liberty to discuss, it has come to my attention that the rogue elements within Nebula Industries And Frozen Assets are likely acting without the consent or possibly even awareness of their alliance leadership. Due to this state of affairs, I am requesting a temporary end to sanctions of […]

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves


Greetings and Salutations, As many of you know, Hek and the surrounding systems are currently in a state of disarray. Multiple groups have taken it upon themselves to challenge our position as the regulatory authority in area. While we certainly welcome this challenge in accordance with the Code of Content, there are many involved who […]

Updated Buyback Process


As some of you may be aware, Evepraisal has shut down. For full details regarding that decision, I refer you to their website. However, as our buyback process is heavily dependent on this tool, it does put us in a rough spot. Of the available alternatives, we feel that Janice will serve as the most […]