The Care and Feeding of Alts


Alts, or alternate characters, are not unique to Eve Online. However, unlike most other games, alts are not only encouraged they are practically essential. In a game where trust is rare and betrayal common, you often have no one you can rely on but yourself. In addition, having an alt can add convenience to tasks […]

The CODE of Content


As I hope you are all aware, the HMA has never and will never issue “permits” in lieu of fleet participation. Our purpose has always and will always be to drive player engagement. So, why do I have this in my bio? Have I, the Steward of Hek and de facto leader of the HMA, […]

And so, it begins…


Greetings and Salutations, Hekians and outsiders alike. Today marks a new chapter in our journey as we move from a poorly implemented website to a poorly implemented WordPress blog. However, our devotion to generating content for the people of Hek remains as strong as ever. I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank […]