Happy Belated Anniversary


I have a confession to make… I totally forgot our anniversary. You heard right. The HMA has been around for a year already. Although I had already been running public mining fleets for some time, it was on March 16th, 2021 that our organization was officially founded. Initially known as the the Hek Mining Authority, […]

An Open Letter to CCP


On behalf of the Hek Mining Association, allow me to thank you for finally giving mining the attention it deserves. Mining has consistently seemed an afterthought but these recent changes are a massive quality of life improvement for us rock farmers. However, we are concerned that in your zeal to right past wrongs you may […]

HMA Salutes: Xenon Salvage Inc.


The Hek Mining Association prides itself on making Hek a cleaner, brighter, and more regulated system. Our members work around the clock to ensure that our belts and spacelanes remain clear of obstacles and reckless pilots. Often this work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. But, not today. Today, the HMA we would like to recognize Xenon […]

April Fool’s Aftermath


So, our April Fool’s Invasion has come and gone and if we could sum it up in one word it would be… disappointing. We expected a lot of things when we decided to run a mining fleet in Uedama, the gank capital of New Eden. What we did not expect was for Safety. to fail […]

The April Fool’s Invasion


The Hek Mining Association would like to formally announce a very special fleet taking place. Although, as our name would suggest, we normally keep our operations limited to Hek and the surrounding systems, on April 1st, 2022 the HMA Public Mining Fleet will take place in Uedama. Yes, you read that correctly. For one day […]

We’re Back, Baby


As some of you likely noticed our website has been down for the past week or two. Long story short, malware was found on our server. Rather than try and root it out we opted for the nuclear option and just reimaged the machine, set up a more secure environment and reinstalled everything. Please bear […]

How To Run An HMA Public Mining Fleet


As I am on vacation at the moment, and therefore not running my usual fleets, now seems as good a time as any to write up a brief guide to running and managing an HMA Public Mining Fleet. First, we will cover how to configure your fleet to be consistent with the HMA “brand”. Most […]

Size Isn’t Everything


One of the hardest concepts for new pilots to grasp is that bigger ships are not better ships. Maybe, it comes from CCP’s PR team really selling those big battles out in null-sec. Maybe, it comes from your more standard MMOs and RPGs where your characters gear and abilities are always improving. But, wherever it […]

The Predator/Prey Dynamic, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gank


To your average miner, ganker is a dirty word unfit for polite company. They are seen as a depraved and cowardly lot incapable of “real pvp” which accounts for their only targeting “defenseless miners”. If you would bear with me for a few minutes I would like the opportunity to change your mind. To be […]

The Care and Feeding of Alts


Alts, or alternate characters, are not unique to Eve Online. However, unlike most other games, alts are not only encouraged they are practically essential. In a game where trust is rare and betrayal common, you often have no one you can rely on but yourself. In addition, having an alt can add convenience to tasks […]